Shares2Win offers the most popular and easy to use trading platform in the world to trade the markets.

We took what was popular in Forex and reimagined the future for superb trader performance with the transparency of crypto.

What is Shares2Win?

We offer Shares of Crypto in an easy environment so you can participate in the big moves of markets.

While most platforms are not easy to use and require a lot of testing to build up confidence. Our platform is not only easy, but has a large user community that helps makes your journey fun, accessible, and possibly profitable.

Led by a global team passionate about Shares and Platforms.


Powered by more than 12 year of development and trader experience, your guaranteed to enjoy the app.

The app allows you to

  • Place Trade
  • Monitor the market
  • Analyze with Charting


When you trade cryptocurrencies, you have the opportunity to participate 24 hours no matter where you are.

Start – 00:00 GMT

Exchange Rate – Low spread

End – 24:00 GMT

Large liquidity

Price your trades in different currencies

Trade with low volume


February 2008

MetQ established the 4th speed platform and rapidly gained following.

June 2011

Began offering Instruments

July 2015

Cryptocurrencies offered

February 2018

API into leading exchanges developed

July 2021

ETH 1559 – L2 major evolution in lower fees and more staking


Frequently Asked Questions

We are not just an online company offering the platform. We also offer personalized support.

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